INC Research Office Graphics

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Avci Architects
Year /
November 2019
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INC Research Office Graphics
INC Research Ofis Grafikleri
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The multinational pharmaceuticals research company INC Research has moved its İstanbul HQ Office to the prestigious Nida Kule in Göztepe.

INC Research is a clinical development organization and It contracts with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to provide clinical testing and ancillary services necessary to get a new drug or medical device approved by worldwide regulatory agencies.

As studio—ta, we have designed the office graphics of INC Research’s new office in Istanbul, Nida Tower. The office is relatively small and around 450 sqm, however, has large monolithic walls at the core of the main space. Thus we focused on the walls and try to use them as showcases.

Using the typographic approach on the walls gives more confidence to people who are experiencing the space.

Photos: Gürkan Akay